Black Dog Running Company Shoe Fitting Process
We know that having the right equipment (shoes) can mean the difference of enjoying your training/racing and being sidelined due to running related injuries. The shoe fitting process is the first step to keeping you on the road and closer to reaching your goals.

The BDRC fit process is informative, thorough and fun. There is never a need to make an appointment and it is free of charge.

Most quality running shoes range in price from $90 – $150+
the average price is around $120.

Background Information:

We begin with some basic questions about the type of running/ walking you do, your training goals, the predominant surfaces you run/walk on, your average mileage and your history of injuries that may affect your running. This information guides the fit process and helps us recommend the shoes that are best suited for your needs.

Shoe Analysis:

If you currently are a runner/ walker, bring in your shoes so we can analyze wear patterns, which indicate how you land in your current shoe.

Walk/Jog Analysis:

Because treadmills are a much softer surface and can increase your degree of pronation, we also analyze how you walk and/or jog in the shoes on a hard surface, we have a track surface installed in the store.  We also have a sidewalk outside, so that customers can run for several minutes and get a better feel for the shoes.